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Custom Bathroom Design or Remodel

Dreaming of a bathroom sanctuary? Our professional team will work with your budget and vision to design your dream space – from the initial bathroom remodeling plan to your shower head. There are countless bathroom designs and styles out there. Let’s narrow down the options to determine what will work best for you.

When creating a plan for your new bathroom remodel, you want to be sure you create a space that is just as functional as it is beautiful. Our team of knowledgeable designers is there for you from the first sketch to the final product to offer their professional knowledge and expertise.

What’s the process for creating a gorgeous new bathroom remodel? Here’s a breakdown:

Step 1: Visit Our Showroom!

How do you determine what kind of bathroom mood you want to create? Visit one of our beautiful showrooms to see and feel bathroom cabinet, countertop, and fixture options for yourself.

Nothing beats hands-on exploration, and a stroll around our inspiring showroom is the best way to browse our vast array of products and design, and start envisioning a bathroom that fits your lifestyle.

Step 2: Choose Your Style

Is your home built in a traditional, contemporary or rustic style? From rich traditional styling to a sleek modern look, cabinets by MasterBrand have what it takes to capture your personal vision.

Step 3: Decide on Materials


GNH Lumber features cabinetry from MasterBrand Cabinets such as Kitchen Craft® and Omega and more. MasterBrand offers a spectrum of cabinetry products ranging from standard to custom, satisfying every budget and lifestyle. Each cabinetry line provides the same great service, product innovation and quality – assuring your dream bathroom becomes a reality.

Why MasterBrand? MasterBrand is one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in North America. The company’s values, manufacturing abilities and delivery capacities sets MasterBrand apart from the competition, making it easy for us to provide the best products and service to our customers. Masterbrand’s values carry on through the brands that it offers. Explore the brands below to see which is the best fit for you!


We offer a wide array of countertops. Visit our showroom to choose the countertop that will go with your new bathroom cabinets.


We carry a range of beautiful and functional fixtures such as sinks, faucets, lighting, toilets, bathtubs & showers to complete your vision. With all of the options available at GNH, you are sure to find the perfect final touches for your remodeled bathroom.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Flawless New Bathroom

Your GNH designer helped you plan the look, feel and layout of your redesigned bathroom, and they helped you choose exactly the right materials and finishes for your style and budget. Now it’s time to let us handle measurements and installation to complete your project flawlessly. Our friendly and highly-experienced team will take all the necessary measurements, handle delivery, and orchestrate the final creation of your beautiful new bath.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About GNH Lumber

Our family had the unfortunate luck of a flooded kitchen amidst a quarantine, resulting in a gutted kitchen and a great deal of worry. After shopping around at several other kitchen suppliers and big box stores, we landed at GNH. Upon first meeting Genn Howley, we felt GNH was different. Genn is straight forward, direct, honest, and a LOT of fun to work with! Genn was able to work with us to plan the design of the kitchen we wanted - and she then had the confidence to suggest the changes that would put it over the top. Every inch of this kitchen is planned out, efficient, and beautiful. We have not a single complaint! Genn and her team worked with us every step of the way, allowing the vision we had to finally come to fruition. Genn was able to secure Dorini Homes as a partner to build. Working with Dominic Manzella and his team was easy. They are trustworthy, precise, and produce quality work. Genn and Dominic were able to coordinate their efforts so that our family really did not feel any stress along the way. They are professional through and through, honest, and reliable. We highly recommend GNH and would not hesitate to use them again for a future project!!! —Sarah Laster
GNH offered us the confidence to move forward with a bathroom remodel. We went from design to ordering to completion of a master bathroom. GNH is very professional, concise and responsive. We were so lucky to have made this contact and discovery of a business that delivers to the customer the services agreed upon. Thank you —Roberta Miller


The bathroom can be a tricky place for remodeling. If you have a very small bathroom, you may feel limited by what you can do. But even if your bathroom is the smallest room in the house, there are creative ways to fit all the essentials—shower, bath, sink, vanity unit—and enhance the style of your new bathroom!

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