Look Out for These Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

Look Out for These Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

Kitchen design trends in 2020 will likely abandon the open concept layout in favor of semi-open layouts that contain hidden storage options. You can also expect to see kitchen cabinetry that looks more like furniture, with “flat panels and integrated technology,” as well as the continued rise of quartz (also known as “engineered stone”) to supremacy. You will also see some new materials join the party.

As the kitchen continues to evolve, so does the need for better ways of combining form, function and technology. Prepare for some surprises, as the kitchen learns to hide its functions in favor of more seamless forms.

So, let’s get to it then! Here’s our list of top kitchen designs trends for 2020:

Semi-Open Concept Kitchens

While open kitchens welcome engagement with friends and family members from adjacent rooms, they can also expose meal prep messes and piles of dishes. Expect to see kitchen design trends leaning towards semi-open spaces that conceal messes (somewhat) but also create spaciousness and inter-connectivity in adjacent rooms. By “using decorative architectural elements like archways to define ‘zones’ without closing off the room entirely” you can achieve the best of both worlds (Remodeling.hw.net).

Lighting is increasingly being used in cabinetry, both for functionality and style. Along with this, expect an increase in windows and a decrease in number of wall cabinets. The idea is to really create a sense of space with additional light and connections to nature.

Jean Brownhill, founder and CEO at renovation platform Sweeten, says, “People are continuing to renovate their kitchens and ‘soften’ their spaces with under-cabinet lighting, as well as within the cabinet drawers for easy accessibility and visibility of pots, pans, utensils, etc.,” Brownhill shares.


Sleeker Countertops

Look Out for These Kitchen Design Trends in 2020 - Sleeker CountertopsPHOTO: CAESARSTONE

Quartz (a.k.a. engineered stone) has been gaining popularity for years for its durability and low-maintenance, and this shows no signs of stopping in the coming year. But porcelain is also making a strong move forward in countertop material trends.

If you love the look of marble countertops but want a lower-maintenance option that’s stronger than granite, consider porcelain. “These stone tops are being designed into bar and island overhangs with hidden supports, rather than bulky corbels, for a sleeker, more modern look.”

Forbes explains the reasons for the material’s newfound popularity: “Porcelain is an extremely hard surface that isn’t prone to the etching, staining and other damage that daily household life can inflict on natural marble, but it can be manufactured with comparable beauty, thanks to ink jet production technologies. “Porcelain slabs are proving to be more durable than granite and maintenance free.”

Want even sleeker countertops? “A few manufacturers have started offering integrated induction burners into their porcelain slab countertops. These can be custom placed in the particular areas of the counter where a homeowner wants to cook, creating the sleekest cooking surface imaginable.” (Forbes)

And keep your eye out for porcelain backsplashes, too.


Appliances and Technology

Look Out for These Kitchen Design Trends in 2020 - Appliances and Technology

More and more, appliances are disappearing in modern kitchens. In 2020, expect to see appliances hidden behind gleaming, flat surfaces that open with a soft touch of the hand or a verbal cue. Hardware associated with soft touch drawers and lift-up cabinets are also (more often than not) hiding behind show thoughtful design.

Ventilation hoods will replace the outdated “over the range microwaves” as homeowners become increasingly educated about the importance of a well-ventilated kitchen. And you can expect to see some truly unique ventilation hoods used in unexpected ways.

Researcher Erin Gallagher, chief of insights for the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence, has this to add: “Unique ventilation hoods are more on trend than perhaps ever before” making hoods “more of a focus in design discussions than it used to be.”

And while stainless steel will continue to dominate appliance finishes in 2020, mixed finishes, color and glass touch screens will also trend. Also, keep an eye out for induction stoves, as sustainability codes eliminate the use of gas as a residential option. And expect to see appliance technologies that speaks to household technologies for easier operation.

Farmhouse Style Rules the Roost


If you’re wondering which U.S. home style is set to dominate in 2020, think Farmhouse. People recently reported that Farmhouse style was the top trending Google search in this category last year. The “major boost in popularity” is most certainly a result of influence of Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, who “employed the rustic-yet-livable aesthetic in many of the designs executed on their former show.”

Not familiar with Farmhouse? Here are the basic components of a Farmhouse kitchen:

  • White walls
  • Salvaged architectural elements
  • Industrial lighting
  • Vintage or hand-painted signs
  • Neutral furnishings
  • Shiplap walls

The other top-ranked styles of 2019, according to Google, are surprisingly diverse. Colonial style came in at number two. While Cape Cod, Spanish and Art Deco round out the top five.

Look Out for These Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

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