Top 12 Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Top 12 Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Want to give your home a beautiful upgrade for 2019? A kitchen redesign is a great way to create a festive focal point for your holiday gatherings! Plus, it increases your home’s value and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Because it provides immediately usefulness and value, a new or updated kitchen is one of the most satisfying upgrades you can make in your home. When planning, think of all the ways your current kitchen space is missing the mark, and don’t be afraid to ask the experts at GNH for guidance and tips along the way.

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So, what’s trending in kitchen design for 2019? if you want to maximize style and budget, Here are our top 12 suggestions:

1. White is Out – Black is Back

12 Kitchen Trends for 2019 - Black is Back

White kitchens have achieved the peak of their popularity but expect to see this trend decline in the coming year. Instead, consider the richness and moodiness of black or dark cabinetry combined with matte surfaces and walls, like the Omega kitchen above.


2. Undercounter appliances

12 Kitchen Trends for 2019 - Undercounter Appliances

According to, since kitchen design ideas in 2019 will call for clearing spots above lower cabinetry, opt for under the counter appliances like microwaves to keep them out of sight as upper spots become more vacant. (Image source:


3. DEEP drawers


Cooking and storage will be aided by placing deep drawers like the Omega Cabinetry drawer above, in high-traffic areas of your kitchen.


4. unique sinks

12 Kitchen Trends for 2019 - Unique Sinks

Bigger than ever are sinks in bright metallics, hammered finishes, intricate details and gold. Large, industrial-sized sinks are also experiencing popularity for their dramatic look and usefulness. (Image source:


5. Gold & Black


The trend of mixing gold hardware with black cabinetry is gaining steam – and for good reason. It’s a classy combination that provides contrast and elegance. (Image source: Omega Cabinetry)


6. Eye-Catching Pendant Lights

12 Kitchen Trends for 2019 - Pendant Lights

Make a statement with a conversation starting set of pendant lights as they’re perfect for adding ample lighting to wide open spaces. (Image source: Omega Cabinetry)


7. Colorful Tile Backdrops

12 Kitchen Trends for 2019 - Colorful Tiles

Combine colorful tile patterned walls with dark or muted cabinetry for a playful contrast and whimsical effect. (Image source: Omega Cabinetry)


8. Minimalist & Purposeful

12 Kitchen Trends for 2019 - Minimalist

Surfaces free of clutter that often do double-duty as workstations will dominate designs in the coming year, highlighting a “less is more” style philosophy. (Image source: Omega Cabinetry)

9. Upper Cabinets Are Out – Open Shelving Is In

12 Kitchen Trends for 2019 - Open Shelving

Swap those upper cabinets for sleek, open shelving to create an open, airy feel. (Image source:


10. Black & White


Cabinetry that alternates between black and white creates dramatic contrast and creates distinct visual kitchen stations. (Image source: Omega Cabinetry)

11. Integrated Work Stations

12 Kitchen Trends for 2019 - Work Stations

More and more, expect to see computer and laptop work stations integrated throughout the home – including the “kitchen nook.” (Image source: Omega Cabinetry)

12. Color Your Cabinets

12 Kitchen Trends for 2019 - Color Your Cabinets

Deep blues, soft greys and greens, and dramatic reds will enter the color vocabulary of cabinetry in 2019. Choose colors that work well with your hardware choices and flooring. (Image source: Omega Cabinetry)



Questions about your kitchen design project? GNH Lumber’s kitchen design team can help you choose the perfect cabinet to complete your kitchen style. Stop in to our showroom today to browse cabinetry to match any style or budget!

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