Let the Sun Shine In! 5 Windows & Doors that Best Increase Natural Light

Let the Sun Shine In! 5 Windows & Doors that Best Increase Natural Light

If your house doesn’t have good Southern exposure, is built in a valley, surrounded by trees, or lacks sufficient windows, it may be dark and gloomy even in the summertime! What to do? There are a few key window or door additions you can make to improve light and let the sun shine in to your living spaces. Making these changes will instantly increase light and add aesthetic appeal. They will also enhance your quality of life – while enhancing the value of your home.

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So, without further ado, here are…

5 Windows & Doors that Can Best Increase Your Home’s Natural Light:

1. Go Ceiling to Floor


In the search for more natural light for your home’s interior, you’d better go big or go home.

Installing windows that are wide and tall will improve your home’s natural lighting – and value.  Especially if you use them to make a bold visual statement. Like these Marvin Designer Black Painted interior finish windows, see above, paired with warm hardwood ceilings and grey countertops and walls.

Black-lined windows frame your view and add visual interest, as well as a stunning modern design element.

2. Add French Doors


If one side of your house has Southern exposure, why not capitalize on that daylight? Instead of using solid interior doors, let that light shine all the way through to the other side of the house by dividing your home’s interior with French doors.

French doors are a great way to add privacy and noise-proofing while still capitalizing on natural light. And they come in a wide variety of styles and finishes to match your home’s look.

Consider French doors for your porch, deck or patio entrance, as well.

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3. Windows on Either Side of a Doorway


Adding a pair of double-hung windows on each side of a front entry or back doorway makes a strong visual statement, and it floods a room with light!

Consider placing a pair of matching pair of double-hung windows on each side of any entry doorway, fireplace or other architectural element, to enhance the room’s beauty and charm.


4. Glass Panel Front Doors


Glass panel front doors are a beautiful way to welcome your guests – and the sunshine – inside your home! Concerned about exposing your home’s interior? Frosted, etched or tinted entry doors allow you to bring in the daylight without sacrificing privacy.

Even better – try installing a series of glass panel doors leading to your home’s entrance or patio! Use dark grays or black against wood beams and pale siding to dramatic effect, like this Craftsman Style home (see above).


5. Create Corners and Walls Out of Windows


Windows are not just for small segments of your wall anymore.

Want to significantly ramp up the natural light in your living space? Think about installing corners or even full walls of windows!

Joining a corner of windows really brings the outdoors into your interior spaces in a dramatic way. Adding multi-panes is a great way to add visual interest and match the design of your dining room or kitchen.

You might also consider adding a full length of windows to create a “wall of light” effect in any room.  The bathroom pictured below uses a wall with partial frosted windows for privacy:



Adding key windows or doors is an easy, and beautiful way to improve your home’s overall appeal, add a sense of spaciousness, and update your design.  If you need guidance or suggestions at any step along the way, be sure to contact the experts at GNH.

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