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Do you need new patio doors or sliding doors for your home? GNH offers expert advice and creative solutions for your patio or sliding door project. Whether you need new patio doors, sliding doors, storm doors, or French doors GNH has the perfect solution.

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Marvin Patio Doors and Sliding DoorsWarm sunlight, fresh air and a connection to the natural world can instantly change the mood of a home. Marvin doors will change the dynamic of any room in your home. They blur the line between inside and out, allowing you to re-think where you catch up on work, enjoy breakfast, or create memories. Your favorite view will become your backdrop, your focus, or both.

The Marvin portfolio of products is organized into three product collections–defined by the degree of design detail and customization opportunities. Our thoughtful solutions provide exceptional performance, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and quality you can see, feel, and touch, to help bring your vision to life.

Marvin Signature®

Marvin Signature collection offers beautiful design, innovative touches and a wide range of options. Experience the difference in every thoughtful detail, with the highest level of architectural precision and beautiful aesthetics when exploring the products in Marvin’s Signature collection.

Marvin Signature® Ultimate

Marvin Signature Ultimate collectionMarvin Signature Ultimate collection features beautiful design, exceptional craftsmanship and nearly limitless opportunities for customization. Ultimate doors can be used in a wide range of projects, including traditional, contemporary, transitional, historic, craftsman, or whatever style inspires you.

Marvin Signature Ultimate doors are available in a range of wood species and a variety of stains and paint options. We sand, condition, stain and oven-cure each individual piece of wood, providing a rich interior finish.

Marvin Signature® Modern

Marvin Signature Modern doorsMarvin Signature Modern is stunning in both its design and engineering. Low-gloss aluminum interiors—along with black spacer bars and black sealant—minimize visual distractions on the frame and enhance the flow of natural light. Internal covers completely disguise fasteners and conceal rubber gaskets to help products maintain clean, crisp edges.

Marvin Signature Modern doors are manufactured from an innovative high-density fiberglass material. With its leading thermal performance, consistent narrow sightlines, and a modular system to enable an intuitive installation these features all add up to a seamless approach to modern door design.

Doors in the Marvin Signature Modern collection

Marvin Elevate®

Marvin Elevate collectionMarvin Elevate collection features warm wood interiors paired with strong, durable, Ultrex® fiberglass exteriors. This provides an ideal combination of beauty and strength – giving warmth and appeal to any home.

This collection offers a pre-finished white interior, bare pine ready for staining, clear coat wood, or designer black. There is also a variety of hardware finishes and exterior colors (Stone White, Cashmere, Pebble Gray, Evergreen, Bronze, and Ebony) to choose from.

Ultrex® fiberglass exteriors are designed to be durable. It has a tensile strength 8x stronger than vinyl and 3x stronger than non-fiberglass vinyl or wood composites.

Marvin Essential

Marvin Essential collectionThe Marvin Essential collection features clean lines, streamlined options, and powerful performance. These windows are made with strong, durable, Ultrex® fiberglass interiors and exteriors.

Choose from a variety of interior colors (Stone White, Bronze, and Ebony), and exterior colors (Stone White, Cashmere, Pebble Gray, Evergreen, Bronze, and Ebony) and Divided Lites to match your home’s design or create your own vision.

Unlike other composites, Marvin Essential collection doors resist cracking and separating. Plus, the top-rated Energy Savings Ultrex® fiberglass provides an insulated barrier against extreme weather temperatures. This keeps your home comfortable while reducing heating and cooling costs.

Doors in the Marvin Essential collection

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