Double-Hung Windows 101: What are the Benefits?

Double-Hung Windows 101: What are the Benefits?

When it comes to selecting windows, you’ll want to find a stylish model that’s easy to install. A popular choice that meets both criteria are double-hung style windows. So, what exactly are they?

Double-hungs are windows that can be opened from the bottom or top sash, which allows the window to open slide up and down.

Because of the way they are constructed, these windows are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways and porches; but there are many other benefits to double-hungs. Whether you’re adding windows to a new home or replacing your old windows, you don’t want to be left in the dark.

Here are Some of the Benefits of Double-Hung Windows:


Possibly the greatest benefit to double-hung style windows is that they provide superior ventilation and make it easier to control airflow inside your home. Since you can open the top and bottom of the window at the same time, it allows warm air to escape from the top window, while cooler air is brought in through the lower window. This is very helpful for allowing cross ventilation in your home.


Accessibility and Cleaning

Compared to double-hungs, single-hung windows only operate from the bottom section. This may seem like a small thing, but because a double-hung window can be operated from the top or bottom and tilted in, you don’t have to go outside to clean them. This adds much needed convenience when it comes to cleaning windows on cold or rainy days.


Versatility and Aesthetics


Traditionally, double-hung windows are known for their classic look, which is why they’re suitable for a lot of homes. But, double-hung windows are also one of the most versatile windows as they’re available in a wide range of sizes, styles, colors, and materials. This type of window can be made from wood, aluminum-clad, fiberglass, or vinyl-clad. Its versatility makes it an aesthetically-pleasing choice for practically any home.


Installing double-hung windows in your new or existing home has many advantages when it comes to energy efficiency. They can drastically reduce heating and cooling costs due to increased energy efficiency. Old windows are inherently inefficient because they were not designed with energy efficiency in mind. In addition, joints may have loosened or rotted over the years, increasing the amount of air infiltration into your home. Replacing old windows with new double-hung models will reduce HVAC expenses, reduce energy loss, and improve the comfort of your home.


Choosing the Right Window

Ultimately you should make sure to do your homework before finally choosing replacement windows. You should learn about the different types of windows and the pros and cons of each.

Choosing the right type of window for your home is often overlooked, but it’s important to your homes design. Make sure you get to know all the information regarding costs, materials, and styles, and then start to flesh out your shopping choices, tucking it away before finalizing a choice. The replacement windows are going to be a part of the home for a very long time and can’t simply be swapped if they don’t work out, at least not without spending more money.


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