Finishing Cabinets: How to Choose Accents & Hardware

Finishing Cabinets: How to Choose Accents & Hardware

So, you’ve picked the cabinet color, style and finish… What about accents and hardware? It’s fun and rewarding to personalize your new cabinetry with decorative elements. With beautiful accouterments — perfect for proclaiming a design theme — our Kitchen Design Center staff can direct you to the right cabinet accent pieces that bring your vision to life.

Learn more about accents and hardware, as well as the terminology you’ll need when shopping, to help find the finished look that is right for you!





Show a little leg! These decorative leg elements are perfect for anchoring an island. And furniture-style cabinet accents, such as legs or decorative feet, go a long way towards making a big statement.



Small details reap big rewards. Split turning options can transform tall cabinets, sink or cooktop cabinetry into your defined design theme.



With a wide variety of decorative valances to choose from, they can be the perfect cabinet accent to use repetitively — at the window, in the toe space or as garnishment for an island, to name a few places, to continue your theme.



Decorative onlays are the perfect cabinet embellishment to complement your style. Meant to add panache to various cabinetry components — there are a variety of Omega design themes available to peruse. Shown is the traditional Celtic Small cabinet onlay from Omega: endlessly adaptable, the folkloric weave brings warmth to any room.

Let your GNH Designer show you how decorative onlays can be used to tell your story.



Decorative corbels pack a big punch. With many design themes to choose from, they are the ideal support for countertops, mantel pieces, and shelving. Hard working and good looking — an unbeatable combination! Shown is the Pinnacle Small Corbel, Style B, from Omega for a Craftsman Style touch.



Let functional design make a powerful statement with a beautiful vent hood that commands attention. Your GNH Designer will help you choose from Omega’s selection of stunning designs, like this Concave Wood Hood. A hood with elegant curves can break the rigidity of linear cabinet lines and contrast strongly with wall paint and tile backsplashes to add visual interest.



So, you’ve made a cabinet selection… now add the perfect touch! Decorative cabinet hardware is a lot like jewelry: it can add just the right accent to a well-thought-out ensemble. Omega offers many kitchen cabinet hardware styles including knobs, pulls and appliance pulls as well, making it easy to complete your design theme. Here are a few examples:




Maybe a combination of both! Your GNH Designer can guide you on the best cabinet hardware selection for your composition, taking into consideration your chosen door style, drawer front details and the interior finishes within your home.



When it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware material and color, let the rest of the components in your home be your guide. Interested in mixing finishes? Happily, today — almost anything goes — alleviating a right or wrong combination. Your GNH Designer can guide you on the most artful cabinet hardware choices to complement your entire home.



  • For a flat center panel door, staying even with the horizontal rail is a is a good starting point — hold up the cabinet door hardware piece and let your eye make the final choice.
  • For wall cabinets with a raised center panel style door, set the knob or the bottom of the pull (top of pull on a base unit), directly across from the flat of the center panel.
  • With a mitered door, never position the cabinet door hardware in the lower corner where the mitered joints meet.
  • For drawers, if the hardware is of average size — 3″ to 3 1/2″ wide — a good rule of thumb is to position one piece of cabinet hardware on drawers that are less than 24″ wide, and two pieces per drawer front on those that are over 24″ wide.



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