How to Create a Country Kitchen in 3 Easy Steps

How to Create a Country Kitchen in 3 Easy Steps

If you’ve been wondering how to create a country kitchen, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s just something timeless, cozy and welcoming about a country kitchen. And they are gorgeous in a range of applications, from modern to classic to vintage to polished, and everything in between!

So, what exactly defines the country kitchen design style? For one thing, country kitchens beckon you to come inside, sit down and relax for a while. These are spaces where you sip your coffee slowly while admiring the expert craftsman touches, reclaimed wood walls, and artisan furniture. These are rooms where you stretch out your legs while feasting your eyes on the open shelving, refurbished sink basins and retro appliances. You spend time in a country kitchen, and you also feel transported back in time.

Here’s how to create a country kitchen for your home in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Find Reclaimed Materials & Antiques

According to Better Homes & Gardens, reclaimed wood is “one of the hallmarks” of a great country kitchen! Use in combination with white shiplap walls or exposed brick for a rustic contrast.

And if you’re looking to really send your country kitchen over the top, spend a weekend or two antiquing in the countryside! Keep your eyes peeled for wood furniture that’s expertly carved, vintage signage, stainless steel farm sinks or basins, distressed pots or vases, rustic benches, ladders, old industrial fixtures or hardware, or anything that lends character, age and patina to your design palette.

HGTV suggests looking for “old-fashioned porcelain sinks, or, for an even more countrified feel, classic farm sinks in stainless steel or porcelain. These sink types are both stylish and functional, making them a popular choice among homeowners looking to implement a country kitchen design.”

*Adding industrial lighting elements, bar stools and fixtures will serve to further advance the country kitchen theme.

country kitchen

Step 2: Add Lots of Cozy Touches

Adding coziness to a kitchen with rustic and industrial elements will soften their effect while adding playfulness and whimsy. There are many ways to “cozy-up” your country kitchen space. Fabrics, plants and warm wood tones all help.

To further enhance the “cozy sit-down” feel, consider building out diner-style booth seating, or adding long benches to a reclaimed wood table in outdoor picnic fashion. Open shelving is a great way to evoke the country kitchen style, and also serves to highlight your amazing antique finds, like that rusty watering can shaped like a rooster or that retro dairy cow teapot.

Other elements you might consider:

  • Vintage rugs
  • Warm wood tones
  • Fresh floral fabrics
  • Patterned fabrics (Gingham, toile and plaid)
  • Colorful paints
  • Wicker accents and furniture
  • Plants and flowers in antique vases

Step 3: Evoke a Sense of Nature


Kitchen designers will recommend looking to natural sources for your color palette, such as the pale greens and yellows of the countryside. Muted tones work best for this purpose, especially in combination with neutrals for balance. Think pale greens, blues and soft yellows and oranges. You can even play with different tones of blues or greens for your upper and lower cabinetry.

This lime green kitchen above (and featured at is a lovely approach: “The pale lime green floor cabinets and interiors of the wall cabinets of this kitchen make it instantly eye-catching. The beauty of the glassware and drinkware within make it even more so. Add to this a white beadboard wall, old-fashioned rubbed metal faucet and a copper apron sink that goes with the chandelier above it.”


Hopefully, you’re inspired by some ideas of your own! Don’t forget to go bold, experiment with swatches of fabric and paint before committing to anything. And have fun creating a one-of-kind country kitchen in 3 easy steps.




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