Size Doesn’t Matter! Kitchen Cabinets for Small Spaces

Size Doesn’t Matter! Kitchen Cabinets for Small Spaces

More than any other room in the house, kitchens are storage centers. They house food items, plates and utensils, cooking wares, towels, cleaning supplies, sometimes wine or pet food and dishes, and other specialty items. Moreover, kitchens require quick and easy access to some items (cups and plates), and longer-term storage for others (food processor or holiday dishware).

If yours is a smaller than average kitchen, it’s even more important that your kitchen cabinets and other storage solutions make sense for your space. But don’t worry! Size doesn’t matter when it comes to good kitchen cabinet solutions.

Here are a few suggestions for kitchen cabinets to help improve the function of smaller kitchens:

1. Don’t Get Cornered

Cabinet corners are often underused because it can be awkward to reach below to find an item stored there. Luckily, there are very user-friendly cabinet-corner designs to help you both maximize storage in this tight spaces and facilitate easy access.

Creative corner cabinet storage solutions:

Base Blind Corner with Lazy Susan from Kraft Maid:

Base Blind Corner with Swing Out Pantry from Kraft Maid: base-blind-corner-with-swing-out-pantry__19072__52143.1464975691.570.382.jpg

Spice Up Vertical Storage

Slim cabinets are useful for commonly-used items, such as spices, seasonings, non-stick sprays, or aluminum foil and storage wrap. There are lots of ways to use smaller vertical spaces you wouldn’t think of using in your kitchen, such as the space next to your over.

Creative spice storage solutions:

Column Spice Cabinet Pull Out with Split Leg from Omega Cabinetry:

Wall Filler Pullout from Kraft Maid:

Park Your Appliances in the Garage

Wall appliance garages are a neat way to storage small appliances out of sight when they are not in use, while keeping them close at hand. You can install an appliance garage below a cabinet with a swinging door or a hinged door that raises. Make sure to plan for multiple electrical outlets inside the garage before installing cabinetry!

Appliance Garages:

24” Wall Appliance Garage from Kraft Maid:

Wall Appliance Garage with Swinging Cabinet Door from Omega Cabinetry:

Don’t get discouraged by a small kitchen – remember that there are cabinet solutions for tight spaces. Keep in mind that cabinets can even improve the feel of spaciousness. Choose light or white cabinets to give a feel of more space and increase the light in your kitchen.

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