8 Questions to Ask Before Getting Replacement Windows

8 Questions to Ask Before Getting Replacement Windows

Window replacement is one of the best ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home while improving curb appeal at the same time. According to Energy Star, replacing single-pane windows can save up to $366 a year (or 22%) for an average household in our region. And it can also improve your home’s value!

That said, window replacement projects can also present unique challenges and bring up many questions!  So, before you make a final decision, let’s take some of the guesswork out of the process for you.

Here are 8 Questions to Ask Before Getting Replacement Windows:

1. Do I really need new windows?

Questions to Ask Before Getting Replacement Windows

There are a few signs that your windows are losing energy-efficiency or causing temperature leaks. Your home may need replacement windows if:

  • You can feel air leakage around them
  • You have difficulty operating/opening them
  • There is visible condensation between glass panes
  • You see stylistic issues such as exterior paint peeling around them.

Once you have taken a look at each window in your home and noted the items above you may realize it’s time for an update!

Questions to Ask Before Getting Replacement Windows2. Can I expect energy savings with my new windows?

When it comes energy savings, there are different methods for measuring window energy efficiency. Generally speaking, you should look for windows that meet Energy Star requirements in your climate region.


3. Can I match the design of my windows to my house style?

There are many window style options available to complement the design of your home. When selecting the design that’s right for your home, some key elements you will want to consider are operating style and grille pattern.

Single- or double-hung styles are ideal for most homes, but casement, awning or architectural shapes can provide visual interest, and a non-traditional grille pattern can also add character and give your home a fresh look.


4. What are some other color options?

Today’s window color options go far beyond beige and white. Nowadays, colors come in a range of light and dark hues for the exterior frames, as well as a variety of solid colors and wood grains to match the interior design of your home.


5. What installation method will you be using? 

Poorly installed windows can reduce all the advantages of window replacement and can even result in more problem air or water leakage or water damage (from rain) to your home. Make sure your windows are properly installed by an expert, such as a GNH technician. You can ask if they will be doing a “pocket replacement” or a “full-frame” installation before you make a final decision.

Pocket replacements are when the contractor removes the operating sash, but leaves the outer frame intact. A full-frame installation requires removing the entire window down to the rough opening in the house. For both techniques, proper flashing, sealing and insulation help ensure the best performance. This is not a time to cut corners. To close any gap between the window and frame, low-expanding window and door foam should be used.


6. What type of warranty do you offer on your installation?

This is an important question to ask because things happen, and mistakes are made. If a mistake is made, it’s important to know that you are covered and that the contractor or company will come back in and make the repairs as needed. It’s also important to know if the windows have a warranty.


7. Do you offer interior finishing as part of your installation package?

Depending on the type of windows you want to install, you may need to make small repairs around the window frame. Window installation includes finishing services, such as trimming out a window, to make the process that much easier.


8. What is the project timeline?

Most don’t realize that specialized windows can take a long time to be delivered. In some cases, this can cause projects to stretch over a few weeks before they’re completed rather than a couple of days. Knowing a general timeline can also give you some peace of mind and also help you manage the timeline for other projects you may be working on.


Now that you know what questions to ask, it’s time to get started evaluating your window replacement project! Don’t hesitate to call on the experts at GNH Showroom at any step along the way for guidance.  And check out our beautiful design showroom for ideas and inspiration!

For more great window ideas and guidance, visit our Windows Page today!

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