Window Trends: Bold Black is Here to Stay

Window Trends: Bold Black is Here to Stay

Want to give infuse your home with style? Adding new or replacement windows can be a dramatic way to improve your home’s look, curb appeal and efficiency! Plus, it increases your home’s value and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Because it creates such a big impact on your home’s interior and exterior, new or replacement windows can really help you reinvent your style. When planning, think of all the ways your home might utilize windows for adding natural light, creating cozy nooks, or complementing the view! And don’t be afraid to ask the experts at GNH for guidance and tips along the way.

So, what’s trending in WINDOW design? To maximize Both style and Value, Here are OUR suggestions:

1. Black is Here to Stay


Marvin reported on recent color trends: “Embodied in the mixed finishes and dark interior window frames we saw gaining momentum last year, bold black accents took on a whole new life in 2018. With matte black on everything from kitchen appliances to cars to bathroom fixtures, the time was right for the extension of black interior finish options beyond our Marvin® line, including our and Wood-Ultrex lines. It’s only a matter of time before black shows up on walls, tiles and floors too, so we’ll be on the lookout for monochromatic black palettes that take the dark side to a new level. Integrity All Ultrex® and Wood-Ultrex lines. It’s only a matter of time before black shows up on walls, tiles and floors too, so we’ll be on the lookout for monochromatic black palettes that take the dark side to a new level.”


2. Natural Workspaces


“A designer might use the technical term ‘biophilia’ to talk about our innate desire to connect with and look at natural forms and elements while indoors,” An Inspired by Marvin blog explains “We might see a lot of this trend without knowing exactly what to call it. With more than 90 percent of our time spent indoors, areas designed as an escape to nature, a place to connect with light and views to rest and recharge will become more commonplace in the new year as we seek to better support our physical, social and emotional well-being in our homes. Back in 2018, we noted the increasing importance of the art and science of light in the way a space feels, and we’ll only see the focus on light and health amplify over time.”


3. Openness and Light


Creating large corners composed of windows creates a grand sense of space and floods a room with light. Consider this approach for the areas of your home that have access to a natural sunrise or sunset view to create a “framed landscape effect” and to maximize impact. Think about how sunlight plays across the frames throughout the course of the day when planning an open room or rooms. And don’t forget how the room connects visually to other parts of the home.


4. Rustic Wood


In rustic, Craftsman style or transitional homes, the appeal of a natural or stained wood trim cannot be overstated. It adds warmth, texture and color, while evoking a sense of naturalism that harmonizes with a wooded view beyond. You can match wood tones throughout the home for a more consistent, repetitious look. Or you can mix and match different wood tones and colors for a more whimsical approach.


5. Broad Trim


Increasingly, thinner frames are trending as a whole. Still, a bold white or primary-colored trim can make a dramatic visual statement in modern, eclectic or transitional homes. Consider contrasting hardware for an elegant modern effect, and pair hard edges with soft furnishings.


5. Floor to Ceiling


The trend of going floor to ceiling with wall-sized windows isn’t going anywhere either. Try alternating tall windows with wall columns, a fireplace or other architectural features to create dynamic effect.

Questions about your windows project? GNH’s expert team can help you choose the perfect solution for your home style. Stop in to our showroom today to browse windows to match any style or budget!

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