5 Kitchen Style Tips to Match Your Busy Life

5 Kitchen Style Tips to Match Your Busy Life

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. You cook, entertain and spend a lot of family time in this versatile room. Because it’s often the center of household activity, your kitchen’s design and functionality should meet your needs and exceed your expectations. If it doesn’t, then you should probably consider remodeling your kitchen.

If you’re raising kids, juggling errands, and a full-time job, you’ll want a kitchen style that’s as functional as possible. Everything needed for food preparation in a kitchen should quickly accessible, because when you need to make dinner, you don’t want to waste time searching for a spatula or pot. And the kitchen layout should be one that facilitates movement from all the major kitchen stations.

To keep up with your busy lifestyle, a simple and organized kitchen goes a long way.

Here are a few great kitchen style tips to help your kitchen match your busy lifestyle:

1. Think About Layout Options

For starters, your kitchen layout is by far the most important aspect of having a functional kitchen design. Whether you are considering a redesign of your current kitchen or increasing its footprint through expansion, choosing the right layout is important in meeting your family’s needs.

There are 6 kitchen layout options that you should consider:

  • Single Wall Kitchen
  • Galley Kitchen
  • L-Shaped Kitchen
  • L-Shaped Kitchen with an Island
  • U-Shaped Kitchen with Island
  • G-Shaped Kitchenbusy-kitchen-corner-pullout.jpg

2. Corner Pullouts

There are many different kitchen cupboard add-ons that can add functionality and convenience in the kitchen, especially when you have difficulty reaching into the back of cupboard shelves. But arguably the best are corner pullouts because you can have a lot more space if needed.



3. Oil & Spice Pullouts

When it comes to cooking, convenience and safety are most important. You don’t want to have to reach all the way up into the top cupboard for oils and spices, they should be easily accessible.

Incorporating a spice rack pullout near your range or meal preparation area gives quick access to often used spices and oils, making the cooking experience faster and safer – even for your young cooks in training.



4. More Counter Space

If your kitchen isn’t large enough for a counter island, you might not always have enoughcounter space. If so, maybe you should consider adding a counter pullout.

Counter pullouts fit snugly underneath your permanent countertops, taking up minimal cabinet space below. This is also a great way to add work space at varied heights.




5. Under-Counter Microwave

If you’re still lacking counter space to prep meals, another good option is to place your microwave under the counter.

Instead of having your microwave on top of the counter where it takes up all the real estate, consider stowing it below to free up all that waste counter space.


Consult a Kitchen Design Specialist

If you’re considering adding a storage element to your kitchen or a starting complete kitchen redesign, speak with the experts at GNH Showroom for design ideas, guidance, and kitchen layout suggestions.

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 What’s a Kitchen Triangle Anyway?

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