Cabinetry 101: Finding Your Perfect Cabinet Style

Cabinetry 101: Finding Your Perfect Cabinet Style
1) What’s your style?

Some might choose modern kitchen or bathroom. Others could only be described as casual. No matter how you embrace life, Omega has a cabinet design style that will not only mirror your mantra but will also exceed your expectations. Learn more about the popular design styles below to determine your preference and find the cabinet look that is right for you.


Taking a simple silhouette and blending it with timeless traditional detailing, Casual styling is a balance of relaxation and refinement. The Casual design style is about finding harmony between your personalized elements within your home — you’ll feel free to mix ideas and enjoy an appreciation for self-expression.




Walking a fine line between utilitarian practicality and modern design, Contemporary styling is all about open spaces and clean lines. Sparingly decorated with large scale and often bold color — the Contemporary design style relies on a sleek appearance with minimal clutter to create a modern level of elegance.


Elegant and inviting, Traditional design styling is best summed up as rich and decorative. A Traditional look can use a variety of colors — both light and dark, along with elaborate motifs and a blend of materials to breathe new life into centuries-old styling while maintaining refinement through symmetry and balance.

For help choosing and personalizing your kitchen or bathroom style, call on a helpful GNH Kitchen designer! Your GNH designer will help you plan the look, feel and layout of your new kitchen or bath. Plus, they will also help you choose exactly the right materials and finishes for your style and budget.


2) What are the trends?

What’s trending now and what has fallen out of favor? As you start thinking about your project, you’ll find it extends beyond selecting cabinets, appliances and countertops. You’ll want to know what others are choosing for the best in functionality and purposeful design, as well as which colors are meant to be loved right now — and what’s looming on the horizon. Look at simple style and linear influences as you plan your home to reflect your personal style.

Purposeful design


Cabinet design trends are shifting to reflect kitchens and baths designed with purpose, style and overall function in mind. Today’s cabinets not only look beautiful, but they accommodate our needs for more storage and better organization for easy living. Deep drawers and open shelving keep items close at hand and easily accessible. Cabinetry that looks like furniture and harmoniously blends with room architecture is paramount.

Clean lines & subtle design


For design flexibility in the long term, cabinet door styles are becoming more simplistic, using clean and clutter-free lines. This kitchen trend is making uncomplicated cabinetry styles a popular choice in homes today.

As a quick guide: doors with raised center panels tend to lean toward the traditional — even more so when the door includes ornamentation like roping or applied mouldings. Flat center panel doors are at the height of popularity now, invoking a casual, yet elegant feel, and are easy to clean! Slab doors evoke a more modern feel with no ornamentation and a very simplistic countenance, allowing the room architecture or cabinet finish to take center stage.

Functional use areas


Clustering cabinets together for functional use makes good sense for work flow. Omega Cabinetry can facilitate a host of common activities, like this wet bar area for easy entertaining. For the best in functional use, make sure to plan plenty of storage cabinetry for the iron and cleaning supplies. Perhaps you’d like full height doors with roll-out trays hidden behind, or deep drawers that glide right to you, with a gentle pull. Whichever way you choose to store, you’ll find that grouping like areas together — made from the appropriate cabinetry — helps complete any task quickly and easily.


power_podIncorporating technology

As technology increasingly connects our world, today’s homes are incorporating cabinetry details that accommodate the way we live. For example, more and more we are choosing cabinets with built-in charging stations for electronics or creating beautiful in-home workspaces for laptops and tablets. Whichever way you choose to store, you’ll find that grouping like areas together — made from the appropriate cabinetry — helps complete any task quickly and easily.


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Are you ready to make bring your ideal kitchen to life? Would you like to design a custom space to meet your family’s needs? Browse our beautiful Latham showroom or schedule an appointment with a GNH Designer to discuss your project particulars! Our kitchen design center is your top resource.

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